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Katrina Parry Action Set


These are some of my favourite actions that I created to speed up my own workflow while I edited my images. They are customisable and easy-to-use for you to manipulate them to fit your own image, style, and artistic vision. The set includes portrait edit actions, color correcting actions, and color toning and manipulation actions.

These actions work with Photoshop CC-- they have NOT been tested with Photoshop Elements.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable.

In the images above, you can see my SOOC shot and the edited image-- the photoshop edit was done ONLY using my action set and masking as needed (see screen shot). NO other photoshop edits were used (slight edits were done in Lightroom. If you are interested in my Lightroom steps, all of my editing videos include the Lightroom edits that I do on my images).

This set includes:

Eye-Pop and Brighten
Eye White Whiten
Darken Eyelashes
Teeth Whiten and Brighten
Hair Shine and Pop
Hair Soften (Painterly Effect)
Color Cast Fix
Warm Skin Up and Cool Skin Down
Skin Smoothing
Cheek Blush

Add Matte
Subject Pop
Richer Green
Add Vignette
Paint on Warmth
Paint on Cool
Dodge and Burn

Blue Haze
White Haze
Sun Warmth Haze
Fawn Wash
Magic Forest Wash
Red Wash
Brown Contrast

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